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Dan Bledsoe

Dan with PigsDan Bledsoe is a long-time Calfiornia AgrAbility farmer. He is hog farm owner in Woodland, California with over 100 pigs. He was born with spina bifida which is a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly during pregnancy. He had limited mobility in his legs and had no sensation in his feet. When he was in the 4th grade, he started walking a short distance with braces. As he developed strength in his legs, he started walking more with crutches, from 20 feet to around 100 to 150 yards. However, mobility was still a huge obstacle on his farm.

Dan came to California AgrAbility with the goal to make his farm more accessible. Staff noticed transportation was a barrier as he often relied on his family. Staff spoke to him about options like hand controls Dan and connected him with Bond Driving School. After training with the driving school, he passed the driving test and received his license. The increased mobility enabled him to successfully operate his farming business. With more independence, he has been able to attend the nearby community college where he studied agriculture.