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 Arthritis Workshops: Taking the Reins

Arthritis is characterized by the “inflammation of the joint” which can lead to pain, swelling, redness, and at times, loss of motion. The word, arthritis, is used to describe over 100 different conditions known as rheumatic illnesses. These illnesses can affect the joints and surrounding tissues, such as muscles and tendons, but it can also affect internal organs, the skin, and other parts of the body. Arthritis is one of the most common chronic, or long-lasting, diseases, affecting one in three individuals, in the United States. Without proper medical treatment and care the condition can worsen causing significant disability.

There is a higher risk in developing arthritis in farmers, farm workers, and agriculturalists, so it is important to learn how to prevent and manage arthritis.  These workshops are to help agricultural communities obtain a basic understanding of arthritis, preventing arthritis, and managing arthritic pains. In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of arthritis, health care providers, over the counter medications to help relieve arthritic pain, and various exercises to enhance the flexibility, strength, and endurance with arthritis.

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Coming soon: Arthritis Exercise Get Moving class scripts!

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