Welcome to the FactAct Section of the CalAgrAbility Webpage!

CalAgrAbility’s FactAct features agricultural work topics and gives a quick glimpse to how the program can help. The front provides the facts while the back provides resources to encourage readers to act to continue farming safely.  



The Ergonomics and Farming FactAct focuses on defining farming and gardening ergonomics that can help agricultural workers stay safe in the field. CalAgrAbility can help you reduce these strenuous and unsafe positions through assistive tools, education, and more. Español


The Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers FactAct educates on the differences between migrant and seasonal farmworkers. CalAgrAbility also highlights tips to outreach effectively to this group along with providing resources to support farm working families. Español


In the Glaucoma FactAct, CalAgrAbility informs readers about what glaucoma is, the consequences of this disease, and steps to keep your eyes safe. This FactAct also explains how CalAgrAbility can help farming communities with vision challenges and it gives several resources that can also assist with vision care.  Español

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